The Valcucine equipped back section / accessories

The equipped back section is a 20cm wide area inside which plumbing and electrical connections can be made, giving the interior designer freedom to install the sink and the hob at a certain distance from the positions imposed by the water and gas supply outlets.

It becomes one with the top, and due to the fact that it is does not have seals, is easier to clean.

The back section can be fitted with a set of containers having precise functions that are normally scattered around the kitchen: a dish and glass rack; compartments with sockets and gas cocks; knife and chopping-board racks; food bowls in various sizes; digital weighing scales; bottle and spice racks, a detergent holder and a small blender; a vacuum pump container.

All the elements can be removed for easy cleaning, some are dishwasher safe. The back section is modular to suit requirements and allows you to work more comfortably with everything on hand.


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