Natural lighting





It is necessary to plan windows and doors carefully to create an environment that is well-lit and comfortable even during the day. Directing light through adequately-sized windows allows you to save on electricity as well as promoting greater psychological and physical well-being (badly-lit rooms create a gloomy and sullen atmosphere).

A – If the worktop faces a window, attention must be paid to prevent direct sunlight, or light reflected by pale-coloured surfaces
facing the window, from dazzling or irritating the eyes.

A1 – It is a good idea to fit a blind on the window to deflect intense rays so that only the right quantity of light is let into the

B – A window behind the worktop projects the shadow of the person working at the top, reducing visibility and obliging one to switch on the artificial light even during the day.

B1 – Ideally, kitchen furniture should be installed so that the work area is illuminated by light coming in sideways to avoid too must light dazzling the eyes and unpleasantly dark areas.

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