Choosing your kitchen

All these years, the area of ​​kitchen furniture has evolved so much, that many times … manages to confuse us. As if that was not enough, there is fashion in the kitchen. So from year to year many changes, new materials, new colors, new design trends.

Through this blog, we will try to guide you so you can decide what suits you.

I would say something but with great confidence: follow your own heart, not fashion, not possible wrong information. The kitchen show romms and their designers have to be near you, to show you what suits you and your space and not in their policy.

But let’s move on ….

Modern or classic?

With the word ‘modern’, we have in mind a kitchen with smooth surfaces (speaking of doors), regardless of material, color, etc. However, in the modern kitchen includes a model with a frame but in a very simple line.

With the word ‘classic’ …., immediately comes to mind a country kitchen with templates, frames, windows …

Let us begin, then, with a description of the material in a modern kitchen …

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