You have ten reasons to open your door to Alta linea!

We do not compromise with nothing less than high quality, topmost design and perfect service. This is the main reason that, for 18 years now, you grade Alta linea with A! We always remain at the centre of market interest, disenchanting any trace of insecurity from the consumer, with 10 unique benefits:

1. FINANCING. (The preemptive financial conditions of Alta linea, always concerns real prices. Whether you pay with free interest installments or cash, purchase price remains stable.)
2. GUARANTEE. (We offer 6 years guarantee for quality and good operation for all cuisine models)
3. TRIENNIAL SUBSTITUTION. (Even if your model is not being manufactured any more, you can expand or replace some parts of it. How can you do this? You purchase whatever you need from a new model and we give you the rest parts for free! This privilege is current, for most of the models, for three years after your purchase).
4. TECHNICAL SUPPORT. (We always stand by you with our technical support, for anything you may need, for many years after your purchase)
5. FIRE INSURANCE. (Since we want to be prepared for everything, we offer you fire insurance for the period of one year)
6. WITHDRAWAL. (If you want to renovate your kitchen, we dismantle and withdraw your old model for free, in order to enable you to welcome your new one!)
7. RESERVE. (If you have seen in our exhibition the cuisine of your dreams and you wish to reserve it, we can keep it for you for the desired period and then you can make it yours in a special, preemptive price).
8. RENOVATION NOW. (If the renovation of your cuisine or your house scares you, leave it to us! As soon as you give us the green light, our architect will arrange and manage everything, perfectly and on time).
9. WEDDING LIST. (Our big store-network offers you the privilege to enjoy the benefit of a wedding list, whenever you may leave in Greece).
10. ON TIME. (We always deliver your cuisine on time, committing ourselves with law penalty).

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