6 years warranty

1. The warranty covers all manufacturing of furniture, from the time of delivery and for 6 years.
2. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser (a change, the company must be informed by writing).
3. Alta linea, for these years of warranty is required to replace or repair free of charge all necessary information (except in certain cases where it is charged only visit – technician work). About Alta linea products that are purchased by the dealer network, obliged the free transfer of the necessary parts only, until the representative office. Further claims are excluded.
4. Changes to the natural color of wood or other varnishes are not included. Small differences in brightness and color wood, lacquer and laminate (Bakelite) occur in connection with the humidity or exposure to the sun tous.
5. The warranty does not cover other products to the Alta linea’s. Sinks, appliances and batteries covered by the manufacturer, even if supplied by the Alta linea.
6. The warranty does not cover damage due to misuse, negligence or bad plumbing or electrical installation.
7. The warranty will not be valid in case of repair to a non-cooperating, with Alta linea, technician.
8. The manner and time of executing repair defined by the company or its agent. (If the area agent is terminated, then guarantee is going directly to Alta linea).
9. Alta linea is free to make different aesthetic changes to proceed with the removal of a model.

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